Terms and Conditions
  1. Each Your Choice Gas Rebate Certificate must be activated online, as specified on your certificate, within 60 days of issuance unless otherwise specified on your certificate.
  2. Strict adherence to the listed Terms and Conditions on this page, as well as following the instructions as detailed in the "How It Works" section of this website are required in order to quality to earn any rebates through this offer.
  3. The certificate holder must complete and send in as instructed the "Rebate Started Form" that is located on this website.
  4. After receiving your Redemption Packet, the certificate holder must satisfy the stated requirements, including the minimum purchase of Gift Cards to qualify for any monthly $25 rebates.
  5. Only 1 Certificate Number may be activated within a 1 year period per household, unless otherwise specified and approved by management.
  6. The Your Choice Gas Rebate Certificate has no cash value.
  7. The Your Choice Gas Rebate is void where prohibited by law.
  8. Available merchant providers are subject to change at the sole discretion of management.
  9. The stated Terms and Conditions, as well as other aspects for the Your Choice Gas Rebate program may be amended and/or changed at anytime, without notice, at the sole discretion of management.
  10. Only 1 rebate per household may be earned each calendar month.
  11. Any receipts that are sent in by the certificate Holder as part of the redemption process when sending in a completed $25 rebate claim form must be original receipts, not photocopies, and the receipts must be fore purchases made rom the certificate holders selected merchant provider.
  12. Your Choice Gas Rebates reserves the right to offer the certificate holder an incentive or rebate reward of equal or greater value.
  13. The $25 Rebate Claim Form that is sent in by the certificate holder during any month that a $25 rebate has been earned must be entirely completed as instructed and include any required receipts or the rebate will be voided for that month.
  14. Any monthly rebates that are not earned during a specific month may not be made up or used for a later month.
  15. The $5.00 Registration Fee that is paid by the certificate holder when first sending in the completed "Rebate Starter Form" will be refunded back to the certificate holder in the form of an additional $5.00 rebate which will be added to the last available month that the certificate holder may earn a rebate. For that last month, the certificate holder would receive a $30 rebate, instead of a $25 rebate.
  16. Your Choice Gas Rebate Certificates will not be replaced if lost or stolen.
  17. Your Choice Gas Rebate Certificates may only be used by the initial certificate holder that received the certificate and they may not be sold or given away to another party. They are non-transferable.
  18. Additional documentation may be requested by management of the certificate holder to verify the identity of the certificate holder and verify the party requesting the $25 rebate is the original certificate holder.

Violation of these listed terms and conditions may, at the sole discretion of management, result in the termination of your online access and the voiding of the Your Choice Gas Rebate Certificate you have been issued which would disqualify you from receiving any rebates associated with this program. Additional information regarding the rebate program may be viewed in the FAQ section.