How It Works

gearsThe Your Choice Reward is an innovative premium that provides an individual that receives their own Your choice Reward, with the ultimate premium reward that does exactly as the name states, Your Choice, which allows you to choose which premium that you want, from an available selection of eight different premium gifts.

A premium reward is a gift, bonus, additional benefit, thank you or other way to add value and is given away as a Free Gift by participating merchants, member based groups and non-profits.

Your Choice Reward is more than just a premium reward, it is the ideal and very best premium that provides recipients with choices, allowing each and every individual an opportunity to get the Free Premium or Gift, that he/she will want and will most likely use, instead of being forced to get what everyone else is getting and that most likely will not be used.

If you have a Your Choice Reward, wither a hard copy printed certificate or an email reward notification you must use this simple redemption website, as instructed, to activate the unique PIN number that you have been assigned and that is located either on the reverse of your printed certificate or somewhere within the email notice you have received. Upon activation, each user will have the opportunity to learn more about all of the available Premium Rewards that are listed in detail, helping users fully understand the value and overall benefits of each premium that you can choose to receive.

This is a unique opportunity to easily choose which of the available premiums you want to receive and your selection can either be emailed or sent to you by U.S. Mail.

Simply follow the below instructions and within minutes you will have completed the entire process and you chosen Free Gift will be sent.

STEP 1 - Activate Your Certificate

You will need to activate the Your Choice Reward that you received by using this simple to use online activation and redemption website which is located at and click on the 'Activation' area and where prompted, enter the unique Reward PIN number located on your hard copy printed certificate or other fulfillment piece. After you click 'Submit' you will be directed to the Account Setup page where you will be requested to choose a password.

Your have now 'Activated the Your Choice Reward that you were issued and now, will be able to enter this website by logging in as a Returning User, as frequently as you want, for the next 90 days, to review and complete the remaining steps below, though you may complete the entire process during your first visit after logging in to this website.

STEP 2 - Review & Understand The Available Premiums

After you have completed STEP 1, you should go to the front page of this website, located at and click the 'Returning Users' section where you will then enter your assigned Reward PIN number and chosen Password, when prompted, to enter this exclusive Your Choice Reward redemption website. Upon entering this website, you will be able to learn more about each of the available Premium Rewards that you can choose from when deciding which one of these Premium Rewards that you want. You can view the How It Works, FAQs or Premium Rewards pages to learn more about this program, your choices and what to do to get your free gift of a valuable Premium Reward of Your Choice.

STEP 3 - Choose The Premium That You Want

When you are ready to complete the redemption of the Your Choice Reward that you receive by choosing one of the available Premium Rewards, simply login as a 'Returning User' and click the 'Reward Selection' page after you login, where you only have to complete the simple to use online form, choose the premium you want and then wait less than 1/2 hour to have what you have chosen, to be emailed to you with everything you need to know to enjoy and use the Premium you will have received.

Your will be able to choose from travel, dining, grocery, shopping, gas and entertainment related premiums, so that it will be easy to find and choose the reward that you want the most, all free and without any fees or hidden costs, the premium reward that you choose is offered as part of the Your Choice Reward program and has been entirely paid for by the company or other organization that issued the Your Choice Reward to you.