Frequently Asked Questions

about usWhat do I need to be able to activate and use my Your Choice Reward Certificate?
You will need a Your Choice Reward Certificate which has a unique Certificate Number located on its reverse side or other fulfillment piece, including an email fulfillment notification that will also have a unique Reward Certificate Number located within any such fulfillment that you will have received. Complete redemption and usage instructions are also listed on the hard copy reward certificate or other fulfillment piece that you will have received, as well as also being listed and fully explained on this website under the "How It Works" and "FAQ's" sections.

Why is this called the "Your Choice Reward" program?
This unique program is called Your Choice Reward because individual users that are given a Your Choice Reward with a unique Reward Certificate number may redeem it, at this website, as instructed, to then be able to select and receive 1 of the 8 available and different Rewards that are listed throughout this website. The Your Choice Reward allows each user the opportunity to choose the reward that will be sent to them.

Do you offer customer service to help me?
Yes. We pride oursleves on the very best user experience and ensuring that the people that participate in this program receive the very best customer service possible. Please use the top navigation button link titled "Customer Service" for our available customer service contact information, including a toll-free phone number to call during the listed business hours, as well as the opportuinity to use the available online customer service form to easily and at any time request help with a specific issue or problem you are having, or to ask general question about the Your Choice Reward program, or if you need other assistance. Normally you will recieve an email reply within one business day, or you can even request to have a Reward Specialist call you back to help you.

Why did I receive the Your Choice Reward that was sent to me?
There are a number of reasons that a company or other organization may have sent you a Your Choice Reward. Usually, any company or other organization that is issuing Your Choice Rewards will typically be giving them away as a free gift, an added bonus, a thank you for initial enrollment or continued membership, or another type of reward.

Can I redeem and use more than one Your Choice Reward?
No. Only one Your Choice Reward may be redeemed and use per household within any 6 month period, unless specified differently on the Certificate or other fulfillment piece that you recieved, and that is approved by managment.

Can I choose more than one of the available Your Choice Rewards that are listed when selecting the reward that I want?
No. You may select only one of the listed and available Rewards from the current list of Rewards when completing the reward selection process.

Can I change my selection if I have already redeemed my Your Choice Reward and have already selected the specific reward that I want?
No. You may not change you selection once you have made a selection and submitted your completed selection form as instructed on the Reward Selection page which is located in this website after logging in.

What is the difference between the Your Choice Reward that I have received and the 8 different Rewards that are offered?
The Your Choice Reward that you have received is able to be redeemed and used on this fulfillment website. The unique Reward Certificate Number that you have received can only be used once and only by the original recipient that it was issued to because it is non-transferable. The Your Choice Reward that you are using simply grants you access to this website and entitles you to then choose any one of the actual Premium Rewards that are listed on this website, with those rewards being the actual product or service of value that is then sent to you for your use with complete details, instructions, and other information that is included in the actual email fulfillment notification that you will receive.

What is the Reward Selection form?
The Reward Selection form is an online form, that is located within the inside of this website that can be viewed after you redeem your assigned Reward Certificate Number and have logged in as directed, by clicking the "Selection Form" button in the top navigation. Complete the form as requested, including selecting your one single reward, and click "Submit" to complete the selection process using the form.

Does this really work? And, are the rewards really worth anything?
Yes! This program really works! And if you have received a Your Choice Reward, then you are able to redeem it once to choose 1 reward, that you want and that will be sent to you, from the listing of available rewards. Each of the 8 individual offered rewards are high-value and popular products or services with a minimum retail value of $99.95, resulting in the Your Choice Reward being valued at least that amount.

How long do I have to use my Your Choice Reward?
You have up to 6 months after receiving a Your Choice Reward to activate it online as instructed and to complete the entire process of choosing the one reward that you want. If you have not yet chosen your reward within the 6 month time period, then the Your Choice Reward that you received will expire and will no longer be valid to choose or get any reward from this program.

Do I need to redeem the Your Choice Reward that I received?
You need to redeem the Your Choice Reward that you received if you want to choose and receive 1 of the 8 available rewards as your Free Gift or Reward as a result of receiving this valuable Premium. Redeeming is required in order to then make your selection by choosing which reward you want. However, if you do not want to take advantage of this opportunity for a Free Gift or Reward, you are under no obligation to redeem the non-transferable Your Choice Reward Certificate.

Can I purchase additional Your Choice Rewards, or any of the available rewards that are listed on this website?
No. The Your Choice Reward and the 8 available individual rewards that are offered to users through this program and during the Your Choice Reward selection process are not sold by Your Choice Reward to individual users, although some of the Premiums that are listed on this website may be available for sale to individuals either through the websites that are operated by these companies or thier providers or through other outside sales channels because some of the available reward choices are sold directly to the public but usually at higher prices.

How much does a Your Choice Reward cost?
A Your Choice Reward is not available for purchasing by individuals. They can only be ordered by companies or other organizations that purchase them in certain bulk quantities directly from Your Choice Reward or from one of our approved brokers, resellers, or other providers. There is a value that is listed on the website and in other promotional materials that represents an estimated average retail valuation for a single Your Choice Reward, which is $149, although the overall value or savings that is available for specific rewards that are used in this program are usually significantly more.

Can I receive more than one Your Choice Reward from the same company or even different companies?
Yes. Different companies can each give you a minimum of one Your Choice Reward within a 6 month period and the same company can give you more than one Your Choice Reward, based upon any special arrangement or upon approval by Your Choice Reward.

Are there any other ways to get additional Your Choice Rewards?
Not usually, and not through Your Choice Rewards. However, the company or other organization that originally sent your initial Your Choice Reward to you may be able to issue one or more Your Choice Rewards, or, other companies may also be able to give you one as part of their own program or offer, but you would need to contact any such companies directly.

What happens if I do not use my Your Choice Reward that I received?
Nothing happens if you do not use the Your Choice Reward except that it expires 6 months from issuance to the recipient and at that point it is no longer valid and cannot be used. You are not under any obligation to redeem or use, in any way, the Your Choice Reward that may have been issued to you, though it is a very valuable free gift.

Does Your Choice Reward know who I am or have any information, including why I received the Your Choice Reward, or who issued it to me?
No. Your Choice Reward has for over 12 years provided this unique and valuable rewards program as a service for our clients to reward their customers, members, employees, and other recipients of their choosing.

After completing the online Reward Selection Form, is there anything anything else that I need to do on this website?
No. After you have chosen your one reward and completed and submitted the online form your Reward Certificate Number will no longer be active because you have completed what was required of redeeming the Your Choice Reward.

After completing and submitting the online reward selection form, how long will it take to receive my one reward that I have selected?
The actual reward that you selected is usually sent by email within 1-2 hours or less to the email address specified on the selection form that you completed and submitted, and not necessarily the address you activated your certificate with, unless they were the same.

What should I expect to receive after completing and submitting the online reward selection form?
You will receive an email that includes a unique PIN, Product Number, Special Code, or other unique PIN or Account that will be used by you, and instructions for using your reward, benefits, services, products, or other specified options and related value that is specific to the Reward, such as, grocery, entertainment, Las Vegas Vacation, etc., and which will also contain all of the additional information, instructions, websites, or phone numbers to contact, special notes and other details that are considered important for the Reward that you ordered and so that it is easy to use. Usually you are directed to another website, specific to one reward, with everything you need to active or otherwise access and use the reward and with the value and duration of access to the benefits, services, and/or websites clearly specified.

What happens if I do not receive the email with the reward that I chose, or if I cannot find it at a later date? Or need additional information or help with the reward that I received?
For all issues after you have chosen your reward, but before you actually use it, please contact the Customer Service department of Your Choice Reward by clicking on the top navigation "Customer Service" link and using the provided information to get help as indicated for all such needs. If you have already used the reward that you received, and in some manner setup your account or otherwise activated, redeemed, or used the reward issued to you, at the specified website you were instructed to go to for that reward, then you would not contact Your Choice Rewards, but instead you should contact the customer service or other support and help that is available directly from the reward's providers and that can be located and viewed at the specific website you are using for that reward.

What do I get as part of this program?
You have already received or wil receive a Your Choice Reward with unique PIN, usually provided to you in the New Member fulfillment notification that has a valid Reward PIN number that can be redeemed on this website to then choose one of the available rewards that you want to receive at no cost.

What rewards are available that I can choose from?
There are currently eight different, valuable rewards that are listed and available to be chosen from and then sent to the user. Currently, the eight available rewards are; 1) 1 Year Dining Savings Passport, 2) 1 Year Entertainment Savings Passport, 3) $1,000 Grocery Savings Certificate, 4) $100 Shopping Reward Certificate, 5) $100 Travel Reward Certificate, 6) $50 Free Gas Reward, 7) 3 Day/ 2 Night Free Las Vegas Vacation, 8) Free Cruise Certificate. You can learn more about each of these available rewards after you log in to this website.

Are there any costs or other charges that I have to pay to make my selection?
No. This program is about providing users with a seamless solution to receive a free gift, entirely paid for by the company that issued, or had Your Choice Reward issue, a Your Choice Reward because this is intended as a tremendous opportunity to reward individual members, customers, employees, and other recipients.

Can I give my Your Choice Reward away to another party or sell it?
The Your Choice Reward is not transferfable and may not be used or redeemed by any party other than the intended recipient. However, the actual reward that was selected and received by the initial recipient may be given away to, and used by, another party.

How long is my Your Choice Reward good for, and does it expire?
A Your Choice Reward does expire, and must be activated and the one reward chosen, and the selection process completed, within 6 months. After which time, the initial Your Choice Reward will be considered expired and unable to be used for selecting a reward through this website and program. Each of the available rewards are valid for a certain amount of time after being selected and received by a user of this program, and the actual amount of time a received reward is valid for may vary and will be listed for each reward.

Do the available rewards that are available to be chosen from ever change or at certain times become unavailable?
The rewards that are currently available on this fulfillment website are subject to inventory and provider availability, and Your Choice Reward does not warrant that any specific reward or type of product or service will be available at any time and are subject to change. In addition to not having any guarantee as to availability at the time you choose to make your selection, each reward has specific terms and conditions, as well as value, terms of use, and expiration once received, whether used or not.